Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last blog post - CHECK OUT THE NEW VAULT!

I have two announcements folks.... first off... THIS IS THE LAST POST I WILL BE MAKING ON THIS BLOG! All the current stuff (press releases, dvd news, etc.) will remain here indefinitely, but it is most likely that I will not be adding anything new from this point on. For all intensive purposes.... The Vault Blog is DEAD.

Also dead? The 100% written from scratch HTML version of The B-Movie Film Vault! It has now been replaced with an easy to update blog that will contain posts from here, as well as the archives of The Old Vault. This drastic change has been a long time coming, and I finally made the decision to enter the modern age! (After much coaxing from a friend of mine who's a fan of the site!)

And since the Vault was turning 13 (on June 6th!), I said to myself "There's no time like the present" and unveiled THE B-MOVIE FILM VAULT V2.0 several days ago. It's largely unfinished and will be a "work in progress" for the next few months, but I'm working feverishly to get old (and new) content archived there.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I must bid all of ye adieu. But this isn't goodbye, it's more like "Hey, I'm posting all of the same stuff you enjoy reading over at my main site now." Thanks to everyone that's followed me here on Blogger, and thanks to everyone that's continued to visit and support the Vault for the past thirteen years! It's been a heck of a ride so far, but I have a feeling that the best stuff is yet to come!

Come on over to the new and improved Vault at and take a gander, won't you?

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The long-awaited sequel to "THE BINGE."

THE PURGE hits theaters this weekend and I for one am definitely planning on seeing this new home invasion flick. What's it all about? Well, in the not-too-distant future, to help bring the crime-rate down, each year a day is selected for the annual PURGE. All crime is totally legal for a 12-hour span, so you can finally realize your dreams of knocking off a liquor store, or murdering someone, or burning down a house filled with orphans and kittens. (Also, you can legally kidnap Nicholas Cage, have bees sting the sh*t out of his face, and then toss him in a giant Wicker Man and light it on fire!)

One particular family is more than ready for this terrifying night... until their daughter opens the doors to save a desperate man that arrives on their doorstep. This act of charity leads to a siege on the house by masked marauders who will stop at nothing to get inside. Will Ethan Hawke and Lena (Cersei from GAME OF THRONES) Headey survive the night?!

So what if a "purge" law was passed by our Congress and President; would you be able to survive the night? If you think so, prove it by taking the official PURGE SURVIVAL QUIZ:

But you don't have to take this quiz "just for fun," because I am giving you the chance to win a cool PURGE PRIZE-PACK from UNIVERSAL! To enter, take the quiz and post your results in the comments section below; you may only enter ONCE! However, if you want to up your chances of walking away with some cool freebies, on June 7th, make sure you tweet #SurviveTheNight and #ThePurge, and also be sure to mention @BMovieFilmVault as well!

After the film's opening weekend (i.e. MONDAY), a winner will be chosen at random and announced.Your prize? An official THE PURGE t-shirt and mask!

The mask also doubles as a ping-pong paddle.
So take the quiz, post your results below, and pass this around to get your friends in on the action! And don't miss THE PURGE which once again, hits theaters on Friday, June 7th!

Note: The prize-pack will be mailed out via UPS or Fed-Ex. Only U.S. residents are eligible; NO P.O. BOXES! If you're chosen as the winner, contact me immediately with your name and mailing address. If I don't hear from you within 24 hours, I'll choose a new winner! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vault Master Rants: Horror Feminists

To preface this post, I just want to state that I love women. I have ever since I was a little kid; I never went through that "ewww, girls are icky stage." They fascinate me to this day because even when I think I've got them figured out... I realize that I am totally wrong. (The man who finally DOES figure out the opposite sex will rule the world!) I love my mother, and grandmother, my sisters, my fiancee, and all of those in between. They have a different view of the world than I do, and have provided me with an emotional blueprint that I may otherwise be lacking. (To the dudes: They are the Subotai to my Conan. When I don't cry; they cry for me.) They are pillars of strength in my life and helped forge me into the person I am today. For that I am quite thankful.

The question you may pose to me now is do I see them as my equals? In many cases, yes I do. Sometimes I consider them my superiors. But there are things that I can do better than them. That's not being sexist, that's just the truth. Everyone is good at something, but not always at the same thing. I can cook basic stuff (I'm a master at grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes), but my fiancee can put on a feast! She can top off the fluids in her car and change a flat tire, but I'm the one who changes the oil and takes it into the shop when it needs something major fixed. We're a team! The same applies to every other female in my life; we all learn from each other and grow as people.

And don't think that I'm making myself out to be a saint, because I most definitely am not. Do I occasionally objectify women? Yeah I do at times... but those cosplay chicks are totally asking for it! (Calm down! I'm kidding!) Do I make sexist remarks and jokes? Absolutely, but it's not limited to women. I tend to make fun of everybody, for everything and anything, and that includes myself. I like to poke fun at others, and I can take what I can dish out. But I also know when to cool it; I know when to shut my yap and respect others.

Which brings me to feminism. I understand it, and support it to an extent, but in my belief people are just people. We  label everyone in our society so it's difficult to see a person as just a person. Race, creed, gender... it all actually doesn't matter, but we're taught growing up that it does. Women who are feminists are striving for equality with men, which I think is more than fair. If a women can do the same work as I can (or do an even better job) then she most definitely deserves equal pay. If a woman wants to partake in a sport despite the risks, then let her give it a shot. Life is about pursuing our dreams and finding our limits. Those rights belong to everyone.

Enjoy some nightmare fuel!
And then there are the extremists; the ones that use feminism as a cover. While it may be a "man's world," women have certainly carved out a place amongst us. But some aren't content and lash out at us "cruel oppressing males" under the guise of promoting female equality. And some of them happen to be hiding out in the horror community, right under our very noses. :: cue shocked gasps and ominous music ::

Ok, I'm being melodramatic, but an incident occurred in a little corner of the web the other night that  raised my hackles and got me involved in an argument that I probably normally would have avoided. A gentleman by the name of Herner Klenthur posted a Top Ten List of NEW Masters of Horror. It's just  a quick opinion piece featuring ten directors that Herner believed were Masters of Horror material. While not everyone will agree with his choices, it's a solid list and not incendiary in the least.

And then it happened. Someone calling herself Hannah Neurotica posted a comment saying "Really?! Not one woman on that list...."

Now, it's my belief that this top ten list was partially user generated as Herner asked fans on Facebook who they considered to be a new Master of Horror. And before the can of worms was flung open, I sat and thought to myself... there really aren't any women working in the genre as directors that would be fitting of the Master of Horror moniker. Most of the mainstream female directors who started off in the horror genre (e.g. Kathryn Bigelow and Mary Lambert) moved on to bigger things, or just steady work in other genres. They earned their ability to pick and choose their projects.

To be sure, there are dozens of other female horror directors, but most of them work in the indie/micro-cinema world, and have yet to break out into something bigger. In an age where anyone can be a filmmaker thanks to digital film and editing, there's so many voices shouting "watch my movie!" that a lot of them get lost in the crowd. It's a grueling business whether you're a man or woman, and more often than not, a lot of films and their creators just fade into obscurity.

And then the flame-war began. While one commenter made some suggestions for Herner to look into, Ms. Hannah Neurotica went on the attack and called him a lazy journalist who needed to expand his horizons. A few people jumped in on Herner's side and Ms. Neurotica seemed to back down and all was well.... and then this blog post appeared: The New (ALL MALE) Masters of Horror.

This post really set me off. I usually don't go out of my way to defend someone, but this was what us guys call, a "dick move." This post was meant to, as I said in one of my many comments, "rattle some sabers." It's essentially an attempt at a smearing campaign to vilify a harmless Top Ten List written by a more than amiable writer. This wasn't about feminism now; this was simply about being a bully and using overly feminist rhetoric to try and make some waves and engage in some self-promotion.

What resulted was a verbal smackdown from myself and several other writers, with (in my opinion) the heaviest blow coming from a FEMINIST HORROR BLOGGER. Check out what she had to say here: DAY OF THE WOMAN - HORROR-MOVIES.CA DOESN'T LIST ANY WOMEN AS "10 NEW MASTERS OF HORROR," AND WHY YOU SHOULDN'T BITCH ABOUT IT.

The situation has since been defused (as far as I can tell) but I won't be surprised if Ms. Neurotica and her cronies rise up to create more drama again in the near future. And just who exactly is Hannah Neurotica? Well she is one of the masterminds behind WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH (something I didn't promote in the past and now refuse to promote in the future). Their quest is to promote women in the horror biz (particularly in the low-to-no budget film arena) one month a year.... in a month that boasts Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and is already taken for "Black History Month." While I'm sure they mean well, creating drama and utilizing bully tactics on the web will not further their cause in my eyes.

Speaking of their cause: Back in January 2012, the editor of Fangoria magazine posted a letter basically saying "Women in Horror Month? Really?! This needs to be a thing? Don't we celebrate women in the genre all the time?!" While maybe not entirely PC, he clearly made the point that his publication covered women in horror on a very frequent basis, and he didn't see the need for Women in Horror Month to exist. (Check out Chris Alexander's letter HERE.) Skip ahead a year and interestingly enough.... Women In Horror Month is now officially recognized by Fangoria Magazine. Way to stick to your guns guys.

So to close this all out, to Hannah and the rest of her WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH friends: Play nice with others and don't resort to bully tactics to promote your cause. Fight the good fight against someone that is being overly chauvinistic and making things difficult for women that are trying to persevere in the horror business. Starting up a flame-war and creating drama like you gals did should be beneath you. And perhaps you should just scrap the whole WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH thing and create a "Women in Horror League?" Why not focus on the hard-working women in the horror genre all year long?!

To any women reading this: Thank you. Thanks for putting up with all our stupid macho bullsh*t on a daily basis; most of us guys are basically just giant kids. Thanks for helping many of us guys raise our kids (not speaking from personal experience.... yet). Thanks to all our mothers who put the fear of God in us (literally and figuratively) and loved us all unconditionally. And thank you to all the actresses, producers, directors, editors, and other filmmaking ladies who have contributed to the art of cinema over the years. You are all heroes in my eyes.

With that all said, get in that kitchen and make me a sammich!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 05/28/2013!

After the awesome that was delivered unto us last week, I'm here to say.... take a breather from buying movies, because this week's lineup is well, pretty weak! Aside from Shout! Factory's ROLLING THUNDER Blu-ray, there's nothing to really get excited over. Here's what's new:

Ae: Apocalypse Earth
Dark Skies
Dead Mine
Doctor Who: Series 7 - Part Two
Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Rolling Thunder


9 Days: Whipped, Chained, and Tortured by a Psychopath
Asian Action Triple Feature: Donnie Yen
Attack of the Jurassic Shark
Battle Earth
Beetlejuice: The Complete Series
Corpse Grinders III
A Haunting in Silver Falls
Okamikakushi Complete

Monday, May 27, 2013


Hear ye! Hear ye! On Saturday, July 27th at 4:00 PM, YOU could be part of one of the craziest film fest lineups ever conceived! HATCHET FEST is coming to The Palace Theater (on James St.) in Syracuse, NY and for a measly ten bucks, you will get to enjoy FIVE feature-length flicks. Check out the event schedule below, then put in for that Saturday off so you don't miss out!

Doors open @ 4:00 PM
$10 Admission - come and go as you please.

Manborg (2013) 

Digital - 5:00 PM

Synopsis: A soldier is built into a powerful cyborg to help a group of freedom fighters battle Hell's army. 

Frankenstein's Army (2013) 

Digital - 6:45 PM
Upstate New York Premiere

Synopsis: Russian troops pushing towards Berlin come across a secret German installation that is creating super-soldiers from the remains of fallen troops. How are the dastardly Nazis doing this? By utilizing the notes and theories of a one Dr. Frankenstein of course!

Hatchet III (2013) 
Digital - 8:15 PM
Upstate New York Premiere
Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder

Synopsis: The third (and final?) addition to the Hatchet franchise has a search and recovery team looking for the folks from the previous film. Naturally things do not go well. Will Victor Crowley be laid to rest permanently in this installment?!

Hatchet II (2010)
35mm - 9:45 PM
Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder

Synopsis: Danielle Harris escapes Victor Crowley's clutches and returns with an army of hunters and mercs to finish off the demented killer. 

Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive (1977)
35mm - 11:30 PM
(RARE English language w/ Japanese Subtitles)
Synopsis: Before Freddy Krueger, Robert England was the MANIAC in Tobe Hooper's post TCM 1977 film EATEN ALIVE. A killer that runs a hotel by a swamp, murders some of his guests and feeds them to his pet GIANT CROCODILE!

The theater serves snacks (popcorn, soft pretzels, etc.), soda, beer, and wine, and there are numerous places to grab a bite to eat surrounding it (there's a Chinese restaurant, bar, and a Subway all within walking distance). Also, I should note that there MAY be a secret film being screened after EATEN ALIVE, and the event may run late, so plan accordingly!

And to answer your question about why HATCHET III is being shown before HATCHET II... it's because they are getting the digitally projected films out of the way first, before they dig in to the 35MM awesomeness!

Once again, the show is Saturday, July 27th at the Palace Theater and it all kicks off at 5:00 PM. Get there early to save yourself a seat and maybe I'll see you there!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plan 9 From Outer Space.... the Cartoon Remake?!

While I already knew that there was a modernized PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE remake out there (click here for more info on PLAN 9), a cartoon remake of the original comes as a big surprise. The members of Bad Aftertaste Animation are currently trying to raise funds to do a full-on animated redo of Ed Wood's classic, quintessential b-movie, and they need your help! Read on for more info.
Bad Aftertaste Animation needs your Angora!
Greetings, earthlings. You better turn on your dictorobitaries for the following announcement. Bad Aftertaste Animation would love to affect you in the future with this future event: a cartoon remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space, featuring a complete new sound track - voices, music and, as a change, acting! - and animated goodness, from special effects to Vampira’s wooden movements.
Yes, ‘ooh!’ I hear you say awestruck. However, world domination cannot happen without your help funding this project, since our electrode guns aren't working, and dropping them on the ground doesn't help. We have started an IndieGoGo campaign trying to collect the necessary material for our attack on mankind. You can head over to for our crowd-funding campaign, or you can help spread the word. Either way, you'd be helping getting this saucer where it came from: from up there!
About Bad Aftertaste Animation: Bad Aftertaste Animation was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Triarchos, a short-film & TV director, writer & sound artist from Cyprus, whose work has been featured in the 2012 film Sinister by Scott Derrickson. Bad Aftertaste Animation aims to produce dark comedy animated features & shorts to further the boundaries of independent animation.

This IndieGoGo campaign will only be around another 19 days, and it is a "flexible" one, meaning that even though the director wants fifty-five thousand Euros to make the best cartoon possible, any little bit you chip in will go directly to the production even if the main financial goal is not met.

There are perks if you pledge five Euros or more, but if none of them sway your judgement, you can just  donate one Euro (roughly $1.29 in U.S. currency) to the production. Every little helps!

So if you have a few bucks kicking around, why not become a backer for what could be one of the greatest animated b-film tributes of all time?


Note: This review is for a screener copy procured from SCREAM FACTORY. This Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN was released on May 21, 2013. Order yourself a copy at, won't you?

MOVIE REVIEW: THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN has been on my radar for a very long time and I'm super excited that I finally had the chance to watch it. Directed by Charles B. Pierce (best known for his two LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK movies), this docudrama chronicles (and "spices up") the events of the "Phantom Killer" case, which occurred in Texarkana in the Spring of 1946.

After a brief intro to set the backdrop, and the mood of the film, TOWN kicks off with a brutal attack on a young couple named Sammy and Linda Mae, by a mysterious masked assailant. Their crime? Parking in a "lover's lane" in the middle of the night.

Their attacker manages to sneak up on them and disable their vehicle, before smashing the driver's side window and violently yanking Sammy out into the darkness. After the boyfriend is subdued, the "Phantom Killer" focuses his attention on Linda, who is discovered the following morning by the side of the road, battered, bloody, and bitten. Both kids survive the ordeal and the police are baffled by the crime and the person behind it. The "Moonlight Murders" have begun.

After a second, fatal attack on another young couple twenty-one days later, local deputy Norman Ramsey (Andrew Prine) is teamed with a famed Texas Ranger named J.D. Morales (Ben Johnson), to try and bring the unknown villain to justice. Despite their best efforts, the "Phantom Killer" manages to strike again, practically right under their noses, by turning a trombone into a murder weapon. You can gaze upon the ludicrous "Death by Trombone" sequence below:

Before the film ends, there is one more murderous attempt by the "Phantom Killer," where he conducts his first ever home invasion. This eventually leads to a cool chase sequence (that never actually happened), in which the wily "Phantom Killer" is wounded. Just when it seems like they've got him, the killer succeeds in evading the authorities and is never seen again.

The killer's disappearance has since lead to various unanswerable questions: Who was he? Why did he stop killing? Did he successfully get away only to get arrested elsewhere for another crime? Did he perish in the swamps where he made his escape? Or his he still lurking about the streets of Texarkana, keeping his murderous urges in check, lest he be discovered? (Probably not because he'd be over a hundred years old at this point.) To this day.... no one knows.

THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is a cool little film that keeps things rather low key. Though it takes quite a few liberties with the facts from the case (e.g. the killer never turned a trombone into a deadly weapon; the police and rangers never wounded their suspect and chased him into a swamp), it keeps the core elements of the attacks/murders and also creates an atmosphere of paranoia. Though the killer's identity is never known, the film gives the impression that he walks unnoticed amongst the rest of the townsfolk, and is even sitting nearby at a restaurant when the police and rangers meet up with a psychologist to learn more about their suspect.

Along with a solid cast of main characters, a moody soundtrack, and a memorable antagonist that would inspire other cinematic slayers (e.g. the bag-headed Jason Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2), THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is a pretty interesting film. Though it is considered a horror movie (all the classic slasher tropes are utilized here), it definitely feels more like a made-for-TV docudrama. It's rather bloodless, and gore is kept to a minimum forcing the audience's imagination to fill in all the sadistic blanks of the villain's actions. (Except for the scene where Dawn Wells gets a bullet through her face before her narrow escape that is.)

While it may bore younger horror enthusiasts, this is something that seasoned fans of fright flicks will surely enjoy. It may not be completely factual, and has several completely unnecessary scenes (i.e. every moment of "comic relief" provided by Director/supporting actor Charles B. Pierce), but overall it's a really solid effort that assuredly thrilled/terrified audiences in its day, and acts like a cinematic time capsule for all of us newer viewers that are experiencing it for the first time.

THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is one of Charles B. Pierce's best  (though he'll always be known for THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK) and well worth a look. I'm more than happy to give this movie:


The Packaging: The film comes in the standard Blu-ray case with its original theatrical poster art on the cover. (Pictured at the top left of this review.) It's simplistic, but definitely effective, and is one of the main things everyone remembers about this movie.

Audio and Video: The disc offers up Dolby Digital Mono and DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, and both are pretty good; I've got no complaints here. As for the video quality... IT. IS. ASTOUNDING! For a low-budget film made in late 70's, the 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer here frequently looks pristine! Kudos to Shout!/Scream Factory for putting so much love into giving us fans the best audio and video possible!

The Extras: This disc offers up a ton of cool special features that are all worth checking out. The main extra worth mentioning is another feature-length film by Charles B. Pierce called THE EVICTORS which is located on the DVD that comes in this combo pack. As of my typing this, I have yet to sit down and watch it (I'll probably do that tonight before bed), but it is apparently one of Pierce's better efforts and stars Vic Morrow!

Also on the disc is an audio commentary with historian Jim Presley (an expert on the actual "Moonlight Murders" case), and moderator Justin Beahm. I only listened to snippets of it (mainly during the last thirty minutes or so) but it proved to be pretty interesting. I will most definitely be watching TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN again with the commentary track on from the beginning.

The remainder of the extras include: Interviews with star Andrew Prine (who reveals that he wrote the ending of the film because it didn't have one!), actress Dawn Wells (who still looks damned good!), and the Director of Photography James Roberson. Finally, we get a theatrical trailer, a poster & still gallery, and an essay on the film by writer Brian Albright that's well worth a read.

Final Ruling: Shout!/Scream Factory once again shows us why they are the premiere DVD/Blu-ray label for genre cinema! Not only have they made a very old film look and sound fantastic, but they've loaded it up with a good number of extras and a second feature-length film! The only thing that could have made it even better would have been a Director's commentary or interview, but sadly, Charles B. Pierce passed away back in 2010. This is a definite "must own" for horror aficionados and totally worth the twenty dollar price tag. I am more than happy to award this disc:
THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is available now wherever discs are sold! Get your copy today!


Side note: During the bit of research I did on the web about the real murders that TOWN is based on, I discovered that this classic film is currently being remade. The screenplay was penned by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who wrote the script for the upcoming CARRIE remake) and the film is set to be directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (who has directed five episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY). Here's the synopsis:

"A young woman who survives a massacre at an annual screening of The Town That Dreaded Sundown looks to her past to help figure out who is recreating the Sackhead murders."

The new TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is due out sometime next year. Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Your 2013 SCREAM FACTORY forecast!

It's official... I am in LOVE with Shout! Factory (their MST3K sets are to die for!), but more importantly, I am in love with it's SCREAM FACTORY label! If you asked me a decade ago, "what company puts out the best horror/cult DVDs," I would have probably said Anchor Bay. Five years ago, I would've said Lionsgate! (Shitty cover art aside, their treatment of ALLIGATOR, THE GATE, THE WRAITH, and MONSTER SQUAD was fantastic!) Now, I can tell you without skipping a beat, that SCREAM FACTORY is where it's at! They deliver the best audio and video, tons of extras, and killer box art. Don't like the new cover art for the films they put out? Flip it over for the original theatrical poster art!

I've already been super-impressed with their current releases, and I'm drooling over their release slate for the next three months. Here's what we have to look forward to between now and the end of August:

MAY 21, 2013
* Blood 'n' Fire Memories: A Detailed Look at the Creation of the Film's Make-Up Effects with Special Effects Artist Tom Savini.
* Slash & Cut: An Interview with Editor Jack Sholder
* Cropsy Speaks: An Interview with Actor Lou David
* Summer Camp Nightmare: An Interview with Actress Leah Ayres
* Behind the Scenes footage.
* Theatrical trailer.
* Make-up Effects Still Gallery
* Poster and Still Gallery
* Audio Commentary with Director Tony Maylam and International Film Journalist Alan Jones
* Audio Commentary with Stars Shelley Bruce and Bonnie Deroski

* Small Town Lawman: An Interview with Actor Andrew Prine
* Survivor Stories: An Interview with Actress Dawn Wells
* Eye of the Beholder: An Interview with Director of Photography James Roberson
* Theatrical Trailer
* Poster & Still Gallery
* The Phantom of Texarkana
* Audio Commentary with Justin Beahm and Historian Jim Presley

JUNE 11, 2013

JUNE 18, 2013
* Extended and theatrical cuts of the film!
* Dangerous Beauty with Mathilda May
* Space Vampires in London with Tobe Hooper* Carlsen's Curse with Steve Railsback
* Vintage Making of Lifeforce Featurette
* Theatrical Trailers
* TV Spot
* Audio commentary with Director Tobe Hooper
* Audio commentary with Make-Up Effects Designer Nick Maley

* Audio Commentary With Director Joe Dante And Actors Dee Wallace, Christopher Stone and Robert Picardo
* Unleashing the Beast: The Making Of The Howling Multi-part Documentary
* Deleted Scenes And Outtakes
* Making Of A Monster: Inside The Howling Documentary
* Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – A Look At The Film’s Locations
* Photo Gallery
* Theatrical Trailers
(Note: Further extras may be added before the discs' release date!)

JUNE 25, 2013
* Audio Commentary
* Bloopers
* Tour of the Set
* TV Spots

JULY 30, 2013
* New HD transfer of the film supervised by Director of Photography Dean Cundey
* Exclusive interview with Actress Jamie Lee Curtis discussing The Fog and covering her legendary early 80s “Scream Queen” career.
* Audio commentary featuring Actress Adrienne Barbeau, Actor Tom Atkins and Production Designer Tommy Lee Wallace
* Retrospective interview with Director of Photography Dean Cundey about his many legendary collaborations with John Carpenter
* Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – A Look At The Film’s Locations with host Sean Clark

Extras from the MGM prior release include:
* Tales From The Mist: Inside The Fog Featurette
* Fear On Film: Inside The Fog Featurette
* The Fog: Storyboard To Film Featurette
* Outtakes
* Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots
* Photo Gallery and Storyboards
* Audio Commentary With Writer/Director John Carpenter And Writer/Producer Debra Hill

* Audio commentary with writer/director William Sachs
* Interviews with writer/director William Sachs and Academy Award winning makeup effects artists Rick Baker and Greg Cannom
* Theatrical Trailers
* Photo Gallery

AUGUST 06, 2013

AUGUST 20, 2013


AUGUST 27, 2013

* Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Larry Cohen
* Poster & Still Gallery

As you can see, I don't have all the info yet, but I will share every little awesome detail for these and other upcoming Scream Factory releases as I get them! Man.... I can safely say that every single one of these is a MUST BUY for yours truly and I can't wait to see what other surprises SCREAM FACTORY has in store for us later on down the road.