Monday, January 28, 2013

VOICES FROM THE GRAVE teaser trailer released!

I was nearly done emptying out my inbox of all the press releases, movie news, and other assorted fun stuff I get (e.g. offers for penile enhancement, breast enhancement, prescription drugs, porn, etc.), when I came across a press release concerning a new indie Horror anthology that is nearing completion, called VOICES FROM THE GRAVE.

Here's a quick synopsis:
"From master horror writer Gary Brandner, author of 'The Howling', and filmmakers Richard Stoudt and Laurence Holloway comes a relentlessly harrowing film experience. A trio of horrors that will make your flesh creep and your heart palpitate.
Deadly spirits, vengeful and maliciously spiteful give fuel to these tales of supernatural terrors. 'Invitation', based on a short story by Gary Brandner, tells the tale of loser Len Krager, who attends a party he'll never forget!
A vengeful spirit exacts revenge in the tale 'All Hallows' Eve'! An exercise in suspense and atmosphere. Robert Mundy doesn't celebrate Halloween since the accidental death of his brother on Halloween night. But this Halloween night, vengeance will rise and seek retribution.
Ghostly road hazards endanger a used car owner in the turbo-charged yarn 'Repossessed', a spine tingling 'vehicle' for absolute fright. Jeff purchases a killer car for a killer deal... unfortunately, the car really is a killer! A true exercise in style and terror, 'Voices from The Grave' will thrill and chill even the most jaded horror fan!"
It will thrill and chill even the most jaded horror fan?! That's some pretty big talk; I hope they can actually back that claim up! Let's take a gander at the newly released teaser trailer and see what "Voices from the Grave" has to offer.

Well, that was more of a highlight reel than a trailer, but I liked a lot of what I saw. Some of the effects work and camera angles/shots were pretty impressive! I'd definitely like to check this movie out, however at the moment, the film is still in production. It seems that principal photography and even the editing are pretty much done; all that's left is to finish work on the audio (foley and ADR) and put a soundtrack together!

I'll keep you all posted about a future DVD release date for "Voices." Until then you can visit the film's IMDB page for more info on the cast and crew, OR you can get further updates on the production by liking the Voices from the Grave Facebook Page!

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