Saturday, February 16, 2013

Check out new trailer and clips from MIDNIGHT SHOW + Watch Mike Diva's Grindhouse Megamix!

If you've got about fifteen minutes, then allow me to show you how to waste that time. Below are three new Youtube vids that should have most of you b-movie fans salivating. The first is a trailer for Newt Wallen's MIDNIGHT SHOW. The film is a love letter to cult, grindhouse, and trash cinema, and features a strange night out at the movies for a young couple, who will experience a barrage of trailers for non-existent films like RUGMUNCHER, ATTACK OF THE ROBOT NAZI, HER TIME OF THE MONTH, and other hilarious throwbacks to exploitation cinema! Check it out below:

For a closer look at some of the fake trailers, and a little history on the inception of MIDNIGHT SHOW, check out this new episode of UNDERBELLY:

Finally, Youtube sensation Mike Diva (a.k.a. Mike Dahlquist) teamed up with and came up with a really kick-ass dubstep music video that utilizes footage, dialogue, and sound effects from fifty different grindhouse/exploitation flicks! Next to Diva's dubstep tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage, this is probably one of the greatest videos to ever exist on the internet. Watch it now!

How AWESOME was that?! Cool enough to watch again?! Was just thinking that myself.... [hits play on video for the tenth time]

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